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The Repaint Tray is a patent pending, eco-friendly reusable silicone paint tray liner and lid. It makes clean-up faster, saving your projects easier, and saves you money in the long run. 


The Repaint Tray is made of high-quality silicone, so its more durable than traditional thin plastic paint tray liners. In fact, one tray can last you a lifetime.

Accidentally puncture or tear the silicone? Don’t throw it away. Contact us and we’ll send you a shipping label to return your liner and lid to be recycled and reused.

Paint Cans



Hundreds of thousands of plastic paint tray liners enter landfills each day. In a growing world of going green, it's important to reduce waste in all areas of our life.

By selecting the REPAINT TRAY, compared to traditional plastic trays and buckets, you're reducing your carbon footprint a little bit more each day by using a product with recycled silicone materials. 

The best part of the REPAINT TRAY, is that it's reusable. When you're finished, just peel away the paint and rinse out the rest.


Need to step away from your project? Snap on the lid, keeping your paint fresh for days for when you're ready to tackle it again. 

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Garbage Factory


Thousands of single use paint tray liners end up in landfills every day with paint still in them. This creates unwanted toxins and microplastics in our ecosystem. The Repaint Tray is non-hazardous and non-toxic, while also making it easy to clean out leftover paint and stains. 


The Repaint Tray can be reused for a lifetime of projects. Puncture or tear the silicone? Don't throw it out! Send it back to Silicone Studios for our take back program and receive a discount code for a new liner and lid.

Agricultural Fields


Unlike plastic paint liners, silicone can be recycled multiple times even after a lifetime of use. It's also non-toxic and non-hazardous to aquatic and soil organisms. Utilize our take back program to recycle your Repaint Tray.


If the average household uses a minimum of 2 paint tray liners per gallon of paint, that means there are 240 MILLION plastic paint tray liners going in to landfills each year. 

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